Privacy Policy



MDconnectME is committed to respecting your privacy rights and to protecting the security of your health information. We recognize that privacy and security of information are important to patients and to their health care providers.

When MDconnectME works with hospitals, health groups and other health care providers to help them communicate with patients, we also sign a "business associate agreement." As a business associate, we agree to follow legal guidelines on the use and disclosure of health information, and to comply with federal privacy regulations. In general, we can only use this information to facilitate secure communication between patients and their caregivers, and we follow the patient's direction with respect to any other disclosure of his or her information. We don't sell your information to third parties.

Under our contracts, and under federal law, we also are required to protect the security of health information. This means that we use safeguards to keep health information confidential, to protect it from unauthorized changes, and to make sure it is available. We work to protect the security of information by using physical, technical, and administrative safeguards. Physical safeguards include using a locked data center to protect our computer systems. Technical safeguards include firewalls to protect our information systems from computer viruses, and encryption to protect data when it is sent over the internet. Administrative safeguards include policies that we require our employees to follow when they have access to private information. We will update our safeguards periodically as our business grows and changes. While we cannot guarantee that our safeguards will be perfect, we are committed to following recognized security practices based on industry standards.

If we discover that a breach of confidential information has occurred (whether by accident or due to improper behavior) we will report it to your healthcare provider, who will notify you in accordance with law.

If you have any questions about our privacy or security practices, please contact